Please read below copy of SBITC President’s letter to SBITC employees on the updated SBITC logo.

Every company dreams of growth and expansion. In the business world, we are judged by numbers, percentages. The more clients, partners, deals closed, and profits made the better. The company’s future is hedged on acquisitions and more investments.

For us at SBITC however, growth is measured by more than just numbers. Last year was an extremely difficult and challenging year for the whole world and it taught us valuable lessons.

The current health crisis gave us the opportunity to reflect on the things that truly matter to us as individuals and as a company. It allowed us to identify our true priorities and go back to our core values and strengths — our love for country, our sincere desire to serve our clients and partners, and our commitment to make a difference in the everyday lives of our communities.

When we first thought of redesigning the SBITC logo, we said the design should not just be aesthetically pleasing. We wanted it to embody what we are and what we have become over the years.

The red and yellow stripes represent colors from the Philippine flag. This reminds us of our proud heritage as Filipinos and our duty and role in nation building. At SBITC, we put the Filipino people first, above and beyond business.

At the same time, we have a duty to give back to our Zambales community and the people who tirelessly work with us every day. We will continue to do our best to uplift the community, introduce innovations, and improve their overall way of life.

In truth, we are the sum of our experiences — including our mistakes, losses, and many disappointments. But we have grown bigger and better because of the countless things that we did right. The company is successful because of our collective efforts, our cooperation, and trust.

Armed with the same determination and commitment as when we first began, SBITC will march forth with renewed passion and a bigger vision while staying true to our core values and culture.

We will continue to work alongside and align our programs and vision with ICTSI, our parent company, to continue making ports as conduits for positive and sustainable growth.

Today marks the rebirth of SBITC.




Roberto R. Locsin

General Manager and President